Equipment & Services

cressi diverite DUI1
Ikelite Trident Sea Pearls

The Scuba Shop is a dealer for Cressi-Sub, Diverite, DUI Drysuits, Ikelite, Tri-dent, Sea Pearls, and our newest equipment line, Poseidon. For product information, you can click on the above brand logos to be transported to their respective websites.

We also from time to time have slightly used gear for sale. Contact us for more information.

We have a full line of well-maintained rental equipment that is available for your use. Discounts are given for multi-day rentals. Contact the shop for more information.

Why buy from a local dive shop?

With the prevalence of online big-box retailers, why would a diver buy equipment from a local dive shop? For one, they can be assured that product warranties are intact. Customers do not always receive this protection when buying from the online “grey market.” Second, a local dive shop serves as a service center for your equipment, and can perform necessary maintenance and overhauls. Also, you will receive advice personalized to your individual diving considerations. And finally, buying your equipment at a dive shop supports the local diving community!