Our Philosophy

Quality Instruction

  • We believe that you should choose a Scuba instructor that is experienced in training and diving, and dives often. The instructors at The Scuba Shop are some of the most experienced in Western Pennsylvania, and have taught thousands of students over multiple decades.
  • Scuba training is an investment, and probably the most important type of investment you will make in your diving career. No amount or type of gear can counterbalance poor diving fundamentals or a lack of experience.
  • Beware of “discount” training deals. All of our prices are up-front, and we will never nickel and dime you.

Individualized Training

  • We recognize that every student learns in a slightly different way, and we will accommodate our teaching style to best match our students. We will continue to work until you are absolutely comfortable with the skills and material you are learning.
  • Regarding gear, we will make suggestions and recommendations based on our experiences. However, the final decision is ultimately up to you.
  • We treat our students with dignity and respect. We are not drill instructors and will not talk down to you.

Local Diving

  • We strive to promote local diving and enrich the local diving community. Diving regularly and often is the best way to gain practical experience and refine diving skills.
  • Western Pennsylvania offers slightly more challenging diving environment than, say, a coral reef. Likewise, when you are trained here you become a more prepared and aware diver.
  • Before going on a dive trip, try out new gear or configurations in a low-stress environment. Making a few local dives before travelling will greatly increase your chances of having a successful trip.
  • We dive year-round, and welcome new divers to join us at any time.