Dive Sites

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania offer a wide range of diving opportunities. We are diving almost every weekend of the year, and during the week periodically. We are happy to have new divers join us at any time! Check the website and Facebook page often for updates, and contact the shop if you have any questions.

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Dive Site Listing


Quarries near Slippery Rock, PA

Various quarries in the Slippery Rock, PA area are open for diving. Depths approach 35ft, while visibility is usually in the range of 5-20ft. There are multiple underwater attractions and platforms for your enjoyment.


Gilboa Quarry

Gilboa Quarry near Findlay, OH offers depths from 15-130ft, and is our choice for Deep training. There are many underwater attractions, including a submerged airplane. Visibility is normally close to 30ft, but can exceed 80ft in late summer.

Link to Gilboa Quarry


Lake Erie Wrecks

Lake Erie offers unbeatable shipwrecks ranging in difficulty from recreational to technical levels. We dive with Osprey Charters of Westfield, NY.

Link to Osprey Charters


Bainbridge Sportsmen’s Club

This 27 acre former limestone quarry near Harrisburg, PA has depths of up to 120 feet, with underwater attractions at various depths. Visibility is from 20-50 feet, depending on the time of year.

Link to Bainbridge Sportsmen’s Club