Underwater Photography



As one of the most popular specialties offered by PADI, the Underwater Photographer course is both fun and useful. Whether you plan to shoot with film or digital, this course if for you.

If you have an underwater camera system or intend to buy one, we can tailor this course to be of most benefit to you and your specific needs. The Scuba Shop can also a dealer for Ikelite Underwater Systems.


  • Open Water Diver or equivalent rating

Course Structure

  • Knowledge Development: If you are not already familiar with photography basics, we’ll go over those. You will also learn how the water affects the technical aspects of taking a picture, as well as underwater camera or housing care and maintenance.
  • Practical Experience: You will participate in three open water photography dives under the guidance of an instructor.

After You’re Certified

You will be well-prepared to use an underwater camera system to take beautiful and interesting underwater photographs.