Ice Diver



Local quarries are avoided by most divers during the winter months. But not the Ice Diver! Because ice diving is done in an overhead environment, special considerations need to be addressed. Safety is most important, since you can’t readily make an emergency ascent if something goes wrong under the ice. The Ice Diver course will train you to responsibly enjoy this extreme specialty!

This class is offered every winter, ice conditions permitting. As the water cools, visibility improves. It is not uncommon to experience the best visibility conditions at a dive site when the water is covered in ice.


  • Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent rating from another training agency
  • A drysuit is highly recommended

Course Structure

  • Knowledge Development: You will learn the logistics of ice diving, what steps and equipment are needed to maintain safety, and prepare for your open water dives.
  • Open Water Dives: You will complete, with an instructor, three open water dives under the ice.

After You’re Certified

You will be able to safely participate in ice dives while your other diver friends are huddling around a campfire!


$299, plus expenses