Drysuit Diver



Becoming a Dry Suit diver can open up many local diving opportunities. The Scuba Shop continues to dive local quarries year-round, with events such as a New Years Day dive and Ice Diving courses. A drysuit will allow you to stay warm in even the coldest of waters, but this convenience requires special considerations. Our class will train you to operate and maintain a drysuit to enrich your diving experience.

If cold water isn’t your “thing,” becoming a drysuit diver may still be for you. Nothing beats the convenience of remaining dry through multiple dives!


  • PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent rating from another training agency

Course Structure

  • Knowledge Development: You will learn how to maintain a drysuit and to keep it watertight.
  • Open Water Dives: You will learn how to maintain proper buoyancy in the water and maneuver using the drysuit.

After You’re Certified

You will be able to properly use a drysuit. The days of bringing a towel to the dive site may be over!


The class is offered complementary to you when you purchase a drysuit from The Scuba Shop!